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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog

General Studies, A.S.

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(60 semester hours minimum)

This program gives the student flexibility to explore new areas and interests while working toward an Associate’s degree. If you are not ready to select an area of study, this program may be a place to start. Courses taken in the General Studies program may also be used for transfer to a 4-year college; however, it is preferable for students who know they will be transferring to complete the Liberal Arts and Sciences degree.

Learners who complete the General Studies degree will satisfy the General Education Outcomes and accrue course work in areas selected in consultation with an advisor.

No more than 15 credits in a single subject may be counted as open electives toward the Associate in Science degree in General Studies.

Program Learning Outcomes:

  • Apply skills necessary to think critically, write clearly, argue persuasively, and problem-solve effectively.
  • Demonstrate competence with current computer software applications used in the workforce.
  • Demonstrate college level writing, oral communication, and critical thinking.
  • Recognize broader historical, cultural, global, and scientific perspectives.
  • Collaborate with culturally and intellectually diverse peoples.
  • Apply traditional research skills and digital technology to access, evaluate, and apply information ethically.
  • Define and analyze both personal and social ethical issues; understand the consequences of a decision or a course of action.

For more information, contact the Advising Center.

Becoming Connecticut State Community College

STUDENTS: The Community Colleges will become Connecticut State Community College in fall 2023; please work closely with your advisor/program coordinator to plan your courses accordingly. Click here About the College  for more detail about this exciting transition!

General Education Core

Communication Skills: 6 Credits

Humanities: 9 Credits

  • Humanities Elective 1
  • Humanities Elective 1
  • Humanities Elective 1

Computer Science: 3 Credits

  • Computer Science Elective 2

Math/Science: 6–8 Credits

  • Mathematics Elective
  • Science Elective 3

Social Sciences: 9 Credits

  • Social Science Elective 4
  • Social Science Elective 4
  • History Elective

Open Electives: 25-27 Credits

Total Program Credits: 60

 Please see the Associate Degree and Certificate Programs  page ​for important information regarding this program and Fall 2023 opening of Connecticut State Community College.

1 Courses must be selected from at least two of the following disciplines: ART*, COM*, DGA*, ENG*, FRE*, GRA*, HUM*, MUS*, PHL*, SGN*, SPA*, THR*
2 Select one course from CSA*, CSC*, DGA*, GRA*, or BBG* 115 .
3 Select from AST*, BIO*, CHE*, GLG*, OCE*, PHY*, SCI*
4 Courses must be selected from at least two of the following disciplines: ANT* ,(ECE* 101 , ECE* 182 ), ECN*, GEO*, HIS*, HLT* 121 , HSE* 213 , POL* (all except POL* 290 , POL* 294 ), PSY*, SOC*

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