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Student Handbook 2017-2018 
Student Handbook 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College Policies

Alcohol and Controlled Substances

Quinebaug Valley Community College is a “dry” campus and as such all alcoholic beverages are prohibited from the campus with the exception for those events where permission to have alcoholic beverages present is granted by the president.

The manufacture, distribution, sale, use, offer for sale or possession of drug paraphernalia or of any illegal drug or narcotic, including but not limited to barbiturates, hallucinogens, amphetamines, cocaine, opium, heroin, marijuana, or any other substance not chemically distinguishable from them except as authorized by a medical prescription are prohibited from the campus. Refer to the appendix of this handbook for further information.

Computer Labs

Full access to computer lab services is only available to registered QVCC students. Users are asked to enter and exit the lab through room E188. Students may use the lab according to priority of need. Students not doing academic work may be asked by a lab assistant to give up use of a computer for a student doing academic work. A student may also be asked to move because another student needs to use a computer with specialized programs or a scanner installed on it.

Monday – Friday        8:30 am - 3 pm
Saturday & Sunday    Closed


With the exception of trained assistance animals, pets are not permitted on College grounds and facilities.

Traffic Regulations

Parking is permitted in designated areas only. Restrictions will be enforced. Parking areas are for bona fide campus visitors.

Safety and Security

Quinebaug Valley Community College herein complies with the State of Connecticut’s Campus Safety Act, Public Act 90-259, which mandates the annual publication of a Uniform Campus Crime Report, and establishes a process for raising awareness of safety on college campuses. Broader awareness of campus safety issues and procedures at QVCC is the first step toward improving the security of students and staff. The Uniform Campus Crime Report is available on the college website. See the appendix for additional information.

QVCC employs professional security staff that monitor the campus environment in both Danielson and Willimantic. Additionally, security surveillance camers are located throughout the Danielson facility and are monitored by security in an effort to ensure safety.

Student Safety Responsibilities

In order to assist the college in its efforts to maintain a safe environment, the college relies on the awareness and involvement of the faculty, staff and student body. Staff and students alike must assume responsibility for their own personal safety and the security of personal property. This can be done by applying some simple, common sense rules such as:

  • Lock vehicles when leaving it unattended.
  • Do not leave valuable items in vehicles in plain view. Lock them in the trunk.
  • When walking to a vehicle, walk with others.
  • Have keys ready when returning to vehicle.
  • Do not leave belongings unattended.
  • Do not give personal information to strangers.
  • If a crime is committed, report it to the college at once.

Other Emergency information is included in the booklet, “QVCC Employee/Student Emergency Guidebook” available from the dean of administration.

Security Regulations

The State Police, located less than one mile from the campus, also patrol the grounds and respond to emergency calls. On the Danielson campus, students, faculty, and staff should notify the dean of administration or dean of students about situations that might jeopardize safety on campus. At the Willimantic Center, contact the director. All motor vehicle laws and the Connecticut General Statutes will be enforced.

Fire Emergency

Emergency fire alarms are located in the campus building. Should a fire occur in the building, everyone is to evacuate the premises immediately. Please dial 911 for any fire emergency.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination which is illegal under state and federal law and is also prohibited by the ConnSCU Board of Regents Non-Discrimination Policy. The Board’s policy recognizes that sexual harassment undermines the integrity of employer-employee and student-faculty-staff relationships and interferes with the right of all members of the College community to work and learn in an environment free from harassment. Such conduct will not be tolerated. Please contact any of the following with concerns: Paul Martland director of human resources, or Alfred Williams, dean of academic affairs and student services.


Quinebaug Valley Community College is a smoke-free college, both in Danielson and Willimantic. Smoking is not allowed in the buildings. Smoking is only allowed in parking areas on the Danielson campus. E-cigarettes are also not allowed.

Student Insurance

All students are automatically covered by a school-time only accident insurance plan. They are eligible to subscribe to the optional 24-hour accident and sickness plan. Students may enroll their dependents in the optional accident and sickness plan.

Brochures and enrollment cards detailing both automatic and optional coverage are available in the Business Office in Danielson and at the front desk in Willimantic, as well as from United Healthcare Student Resources (select Connecticut Community-Technical Colleges).

Weather Closings

Students are encouraged to call the weather hotline instead of contacting the college directly. All weather related information can be accessed at this number. Students are also able to access the following options regarding weather related announcements, delays, cancellations or closings.

Mycommnnet Text Alerts
Students may log into their myCommnet account and sign up for myCommnet ALERT, to receive text messages regarding college closings.

QVCC Weather Hotline    
(860) 932-4901

QVCC Website

Television Station    
NBC Connecticut Channel 30

Radio Stations    
AM: WINY 1350, WILI 1400, WICH 1310, WTIC 1080
FM:  WZMX 93.7,  WTIC 96.5, WCTY 97.7, I98 98.3, WNLC 98.7, WRCH 100.5, WKNL 100.9

QVCC does not have the same operating schedule as the local public school systems. Students are advised to anticipate college closing with prior arrangement for child care of transportation.